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blade. >> oh, my gosh. that's crazy. i don't even know what to say. >> it's happened five times in northern virginia including h & m, the marshall's at the green breyer shopping center, and three times at the fair oaks mall. most recently, inside the forever 21 store, when an 18-year-old female was distracted. >> while she was shopping, she noticed a rack of clothes had fallen. she looked over toward that rack, at the same time she felt an abrupt pain in her buttocks area. >> reporter: it happened so fast, before the victim realizes what's happened, the suspect calmly walks away without causing a scene. >> i think that's kind of creepy and also really strange. >> reporter: in all five cases, authorities say the victims have not been seriously injured and the wounds not requiring stitches. the suspect is cutting through women's clothing, sometimes leaving a 1.5 inch wound. many are now on high alert,
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including this family who talked about safety before going shopping. >> what was it like having to talk with your mom about this? >> really awkward. she's like protect your butt. i'm like, okay. all right. >> but i decided they're well protected with their big purse, they could use them as shields to cover themselves. >> other ways to stay safe, be alert of your surroundings, report anyone acting suspicious, and if possible, shop with a friend. there may be more victims out there who haven't come forward yet. if you know anything about this bizarre stabbing spree. you're asked to contact fairfax county police. jim, back to you. >> john, thank you. we have a developing story on capitol hill. david woo is stepping down on the heels of sex allegations. >> last week allegations that woo forced himself on an associate's 18-year-old daughter, today under increasing pressure from democratic
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lawmakers, he announced his resignation. he doesn't want to become a distraction from the important work taking place on the hill. >> reporter: he's the second democrat to step down in the last few weeks. this comes after anthony weiner resigned. three d.c. counsel members are calling on harry thomas, jr. to step down. >> he's accused of diverting $300,000 in city dollars, meant for youth programs and spending that on cars, vacations and other personal things. thomas has denied any wrongdoing but agreed last week to pay back the funds. councilmembers, tommy wells, david catana and mary chay have asked him to resign. we are just a week away from the deadline to raise the debt ceiling or risk default. it doesn't appear a deal is anywhere in sight. today the white house promised to veto a gop plan that's in the
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house. that plan would also establish a committee of lawmakers to recommend additional savings. >> it's reasonable, it's responsible it can pass the house and it can pass the senate. >> the speaker's proposal cannot pass the senate, will not pass the senate, will not reach the president's desk. >> the white house is rejecting this plan because it would require a second vote just before the 2012 elections. well, it's back to business for the nfl. trades are in the works, teams are already signing player. craig melvin found out today, it's also back to business for fans who have been waiting all summer for the end of the 4-month-old lockout to end. craig? >> you know this, lockouts test fan loyalty, so we wanted to find out if redskins' fans were still angry about the month-long player/owner dispute or if they would forgive and forget fast. what we found is everyone is excited if football's return although some for different
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reasons. at red skin's park tuesday. signs of the season. burgundy and gold swag ready to sell. players took to the internet with a sales pitch of their own? we want to thank you for all your support. >> in this letter, head coach mike shanahan and general manager bruce allen declared redskins' fans the best in sports. they also thanked them for standing behind the team while labor issues were resolved. not one fan we met in chinatown thought the four-month lockout would cancel any games. >> i didn't think that was possible. the owners were going to lose too much money. they were going to come up with some kind of idea to get the season on the road. >> reporter: we did not meet one fan who said he or she wouldn't be cheering this season. >> i'm still a fan. you know, everybody has their issues and it has to be resolved. >> sit back, wait and do what needs to happen. they're ready to go. >> reporter: for randy, the lockout could notnd fast enough. >> are you going to spend money
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on something you think may not take place? >> reporter: he runs a ticket brokerage business in virginia. >> sales are double what they were. now that the lockout has ended we've seen an uptick in sales. >> reporter: he's confident sales will pick up even more. >> they will move, the tickets will sell, and people will pack fedex field. >> well, some won't. >> as a fan, are you thrilled that the lockout is over, that you can see redskins again? >> i could care less about the redskins, i'm all about the cowboys. >> he's honest. no fans were at redskins park today. they will be there saturday, though. 11 practices will be open to the fans, saturdays will be the first. before heading to redskins park, you'll need to fill out a training camp fan invitation. to do that, you'll have to go to wendy and jim, back to you. >> it's going to be a hot start to camp. craig, thanks.
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what a difference the high heat and the humidity are gone. it's still a little warm out there, it's nothing like it used to be. >> and did is gorgeous. look at that crisp picture. for a while we've had that murky haze going on. this is nice to see. >> 94 has never felt so good. we were out there earlier, all of us getting ice cream here at nbc 4. it feels pretty nice out there, with the heat index just 95 degrees, just one degree from the actual air temperature. take a look around the area. some of the neighborhoods, montgomery county, only now, 96 degrees, rockville, too. you folks over in falls church at 94, it's 91 degrees down in ft. bellward. dewpoint temperatures have been in the 50s to the low 60s. very comfortable. we're going to have that for one more day. to the ballpark, your first pitch forecast at 7:05, that first pitch, the temperature 7 degrees with sunshine, a clear
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sky tonight. nice for baseball with a light southwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight here we're going to be clear. 79 degrees by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow morning, a few degrees from where we were this morning. nice and comfortable. not just for the mourning, but throughout the day. we'll talk about the return of high heat coming up in a little bit. jim? >> thank you. it's almost the end of an era for our city, and for the care of our nation's wounded service members. there will be a closing ceremony tomorrow for the walter reid army medical center, as the institution prepares to shut down. brian mooar has more on the hospital's legacy. >> reporter: for more than a century, this is where america's wounded warriors fought their way back home. >> i can be just as functional as anybody else. >> reporter: this week, the walter reid army medical center in washington begins the process of closing for good. it's a victim of budget cuts, a
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storied institution that couldn't keep pace with the times. for generations of servicemen and women walk these, walter reid was and will always be a hospital. it opened in 1909, offering not just treatment, but hope to soldiers from war ii and every american conflict that followed. >> i told them if they had a uniform for me, i'd go right now. >> reporter: the center treated presidents eisenhower and reagan. a few soldiers became household names, most were all but forgotten as they battled to reclaim their lives. >> my life has changed. it's not going to be the same with my son, he's going to have all these questions growing up. why did this happen to his daddy? >> reporter: in 2007 at the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, walter reid came under fire for failing soldiers and their families. it was systemic neglect so shocking it demanded immediate
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action by president bush and leaders in congress. it was too late for walter reid. after a final salute from the military it served, walter reid will close. a place of healing taking its place in history. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. and coming up tonight in our next half hour of news 4 at 5:00, we'll have an exclusive look at the facility that will replace walter reed, and the cutting edge technology thatp be used to help soldiers rebound from war. a robber who targeted a family dollar store. the holdup happened in glen burnie, maryland july 14th. the suspect covered his right hand with a pair of gym shorts and forced an employee to give him money from the cash register. if you recognize the man in the picture, call anne arundel county police. carolyn anne galagos was arrested last night after she refused to stop her vehicle.
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officers turned on their sirens and lights, but she refused to pull over. the 52-year-old faces her second dui charge in five years as well as charges for alluding and driving violation of probation. next on news 4 at 5:00, scary moments inside a maryland apartment billing. almost a dozen people had to be taken to the hospital. bullied in the classroom, students blame their teachers for not doing enough to keep them safe. now they're suing. a mother is using her tragedy to help others. a simple test that could have saved her daughter's life. we'll tell you what you need to ask your doctor.
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it may be a surprise, but con genital heart disease is the number one birth defect in babies born in the u.s. >> one out of every 100 newborns will have some sort of heart problem. when doctors don't catch it, there's a high likelihood it could be deadly. >> doreen gentzler is here to tell us about a test that could save lives. >> reporter: this is a simple test, involving shining a light on a fingertip or toe. what that test can tell you could help more babies get the life saving treatment they need.
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so the question is,why aren't all newborns undergoing this screening? >> her hospital discharge summary stated literally healthy baby girl. >> elizabeth had a great pregnancy, good prenatal care, perfect ultrasound tests. and when her daughter was born in april 2009, doctors agreed she had a healthy baby. >> she was doing great the first six weeks of her life. about six weeks of age, she started to have some trouble with feeding. >> she and her doctors figured it was just reflux, nothing major. they had no idea that it was actually a sign that the baby's heart was failing. >> that night i put her down, to bed and i went to do some work in my office and checked on her a couple hours later, and she had passed away.
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>> reporter: baby veronica was suffering from a defect that caused her heart to grow three times its normal size. >> that baby simply died. and that child had a correctible heart lesion. >> reporter: children's national medical center, dr. girard martin says he believes a simple test could have saved veronica. it's called pulse oximetry. it works by shining a red infrared light on a fingertip or toe. gives an immediate measurement of how much oxygen is in the blood. a low number could mean the heart isn't working properly. >> it's been shown by many studies, predominantly in europe, to be pretty reliable for detecting the most critical heart defects. >> right now, heart defects are screened during pregnancy and when the baby is first born. doctors will look for any signs
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of a heart murmur, including a blueish skin color. 25% of sick babies are missed with this type of screening. but with the addition of pulse ox testing, that gap could shrink to just 2%. >> pulse oximetry has not yet become the standard because positions were really concerned about its accuracy. >> reporter: european studies have shown the test to be 90% accurate. well, that doesn't provide much comfort to mothers like olivia easley. she's now working to get pulse ox testing to be a standard screening for all newborns. >> if it could save another baby's life, that would give meaning to my daughter's life and death. >> right now only two states have made any moves to make this testing mandatory many maryland is one of them. maryland recently passed legislation to study how the
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state can implement pulse ox testing in their hospitals. we do a lot of stories on medical testing and rarely is there one that is so simple and so easy to do and so inspencive to do that could make a difference. >> that's what's fright thing. >> it really is. >> let's hope more states go with this. >> it seems like it's just so easy. >> it does seem that way. >> thanks, doreen. several students are suing minnesota's largest school district over its policy over sexual orientation. it requires staff to remain neutral when homosexuality is raised in the classroom. six students committed suicide in less than two years. one 14-year-old who is not gay spoke up about being harassed and the problems continued. >> for the last three years, kids have been calling me names
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and shoving me into desks, lockers and walls. it got so bad every day when the bus would arrive at school, i would want to hide under the chair. >> the school district is standing by its policy and says it does have bullying and harassment guidelines that protect students. the district also faces a federal investigation on the same issue. let's turn to our weather now, our first check of weather on a day that we actually can breathe outside. >> and where it's nice to go outside, and you want to spend more than just a couple minutes. you have to make up for all that stuff you missed over the last more than a week around here, i look back on the calendar, have you to go back two weeks to find a day that's been as nice as today, where the humidity's been so low. let's take a look around the area right now, temperatures still up there, we're in the low 90s, just about all the neighborhoods in and around d.c., maryland and virginia. the dewpoint temperature is running at 62 degrees. early part of the day, that number was down in the 50s, we
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have a light southwesterly wind at 11 miles per hour right now. the heat index value at 95 degrees. look at some of the temperatures right now, warmer air nudging to the north. 97 degrees there, for the most part low and mid-90s in the area, with some very comfortable air, the heat index running close to where the temperature is currently. not the case down south. they're still in the fryer down around texas and oklahoma, and kansas too. missouri as well. kansas city, missouri, 103. the current heat index. 108 in little rock, 102 in dallas, texas, that's where all the heat has been squeezed back into this portion of the country. it's going to start expanding once again off to the east, we're going to get that high heat around here back on friday. it's going to be lasting for at least two days. nice conditions, though, we'll continue as high pressure moves in. sunshine on tap for tomorrow. even for your thursday, i think
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quite a bit of sunshine. but thursday more of a southwesterly wind. you'll notice the humidity creeping back on thursday. so high humidity for the end of the workweek. here's your evening forecast. low humidity with southwesterly wind. sun up tomorrow at 6:05. another nice day. you'll want to seize the day tomorrow. sunshine, 89 to 93. low humidity. here's a look at your four-day forecast. thursday, 94 the high getting a little sticky. friday is going to be hot. may feel like 105 to 110. chance for rain saturday, a 30% chance. again this friday, backyard weather, i'll be handling those duties. if you want me to come out, send us an e-mail, weather at i'll be there. this time i think i'm going to, rather than eat all the way
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through it, i'll be cooking and looking
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an emotional good-bye today for amy winehouse. hundreds of mourners attended. winehouse's father a taxi driver and singer, delivered the eulogy. following the service she was cremated. the grammy award winning singer was found dead in her home saturday. she had a long and very public battle with drug and alcohol addiction. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger said his son is improving after aed aboutdy boarding accident earlier this month. christopher schwarz finger, suffered a collapsed lung and
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broken bones from the accident in malibu back on july 17th. schwarzenegger tweeted his appreciation to well wishers saying he's doing much better and we'll have him at full speed soon. the accident happened in the midst of divorce proceedings between schwarzenegger and maria shriver. coming up next, a state of the art facility is going to help soldiers recover from their war wounds. part two of the exclusive tour and the technology that's being used. montgomery county considers a teen curfew. who's for it and who's against it ahead. and the nation's capitol is known for its monuments and museums. that's not all.
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a fast forward through the headlines. fairfax county police are searching for a man who's been stabbing women's buttocks at shopping malls in our area. at least five young women say they've been attacked inside stores in february. after the after last night's dualing speeches from the president, still no debt deal. the house could vote on a gop plan tomorrow, senate leaders say it is dead on arrival. the white house has promised a veto. congress must increase the debt ceiling by august 2nd. redskins fans are ready to
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forgive and forget after the month's long nfl lockout. many people we talked to today simply say they're excited football is back. proof of that in ashburn. where the redskins were getting the displays ready for the fans who want to visit training camp this weekend. now, let's fast forward to the weather. it's going to be a hot one? >> yeah, for sure. as far as out there right now, it's nice and toasty, the summer sun strong, it's days like this we really do not want to forget the sunblock, of course, if you're out there. 94 is the temperature, the heat index at 95 degrees right now. 63 in hagerstown, gaithersburg maryland. 66 in manassas, and 72 in town. temperature tomorrow, right up to 92 degrees and like today, it's going to be another nice day. lots of sunshine throughout the area, and low humidity, meanwhile, ocean city forecast, ocean temperature at 81 degrees. we'll be warming up there too, to 91 on thursday.
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>> back to you. montgomery county is considering a curfew to get kids off the streets late at night. >> the district and prince georges county both have similar laws. some believe montgomery county should join them, while others say, not so fast. >> montgomery county police chief thomas major told the council that a youth curfew would keep kids from committing crimes or being victimized. >> we need a law that strikes the right balance between giving law enforcement the tool to deal with some of these situations and protecting good kids who want to engage in healthy activities. >>ed proposed youth curfew would require kids to be off the streets on weekends at 12:00 midnight and week nights by 11:00 p.m. exceptions include school, work and faith-based activities. there were a lot of young faces at the council hearing. opposition has been growing. stand up to the moco youth
5:31 pm
curfew has gotten 6,394 signatures in the past week. >> in my experience there's been no statistics that have shown this bill or any other bills in prince goths county, the district, even baltimore city, none of these have shown to create influence on increased crime. >> reporter: teens from the district and prince georges county where there curfews come to montgomery county to hang out. earlier this summer, that resulted in a gang fight and stabbing in silver spring. >> when the police talked with gang members they said they come here specifically because they couldn't do this in d.c. or prince georges county. >> if teens are caught violating a curfew, their parents may be punished by being sent to parenting classes. the curfew bill was drafted by county executive isiah legette. bill andrews is the chairman of the committee. >> i'm skeptical of the proposal, because the executive
5:32 pm
has not made a good case for it at this point. i'm skeptical of the need for a curfew, and about the effectiveness of youth curfews. >> the very earliest that the montgomery council could vote on the curfew would be this fall. in montgomery county, i'm chris gordon, news 4. >> advocates say most big cities have curfews on teenagers. montgomery county lawmakers say there will be a lot more discussion before a decision is made. >> there are new rules on the road for police vefks in virginia. this afternoon, governor mcdonald signed a new bill into law for officers to use their lights, sirens or horns when they enter an intersection crossing a red light. the crash was captured on the cruiser's dashcam. >> we witnessed this terrible tragedy with ashley a couple
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years ago. there have been other cases in virginia. this bill, i think will strike a blow for safety both for our citizens and law enforcement. >> it took lawmakers and ashley's family three years to get this bill passed. some night owls helped save their neighbors after dangerous levels of carbon monoxide seeped into an apartment complex. a broken water heater caused the leak. megan mcgrath has our story. >> reporter: a very close call. poisonous carbon monoxide was seeping into their homes as they slept. one unit was potentially deadly. >> people were exposed to very high levels of carbon monoxide. >> this is deadly. >> it is. >> reporter: rescue crews went
5:34 pm
door to door waking up other residents. >> i wokep to the fire department banging on the door. we came out. they said it was a carbon monoxide leak. >> reporter: 11 people were taken to the hospital for treatment. everyone is going to be okay. but had those residents been asleep and unaware of their symptoms, things could have turned out differently. there were no carbon monoxide detectives to ring out an early warning. >> it's the silent killer. odorless, tasteless. there's nothing you can do until you're exposed to the point where you're exhibiting signs and symptoms. >> investigators tell us the building's air conditioning system contributing to the problem, because it sent the carbon monoxide from the water
5:35 pm
heater through the vents of multiple apartments. the alarming number of children who have died in hot cars this summer was a topic of discussion in the district today. the national highway traffic safety administration reports 21 children have died nationwide after being left alone in a car this summer. 27 is is the annual average. one texas mother spoke out about her daughter's death this year. >> she was accidentally left in the car on a hot day instead of being dropped off at day care. one phone call to alert us of her absence from day care on that morning, have prevented losing a child to heat stroke. >> it may help to put in place reminders that your child is in the car, such as leaving your purse or briefcase in the back seat. montgomery county will welcome its first charter school in 2012. the board approved the new elementary school yesterday.
5:36 pm
the new school will serve about 190 students from preschool through third grade. the nonprofit organization will be running it. chances are, you've driven by it, but who in their right mind would live above the beltway? the answer may surprise you. thousands of post offices could potentially close and locations around the d.c. metro
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the airlines are on a tax holiday at the moment, why aren't plane tickets any cheaper? >> the feds want to change the way raw meat and poultry are labelled to better serve you. liz crenshaw is here to explain the possible post office closings. >> we begin with the price for airline tickets. even though airlines are on a tax holiday, following a federal tax that expired over the weekend, consumers are not seeing cheaper flights. because congress failed to pass legislation to keep the faa running at full speed, no taxes are being collected on airfare. so you might think fares would be cheaper. not exactly, most airlines are raising fares able pocketing the money previously collected for the government. the government estimates the expiring taxes totalled $200 million a week.
5:40 pm
now on to a proposed rule to change the labelling on packaged meat and poultry. the usda is considering a rule which would require labels to be easier to understand, and include information about injections, marinades and other added solutions such as sodium that may not otherwise be visible to the consumer. six years ago, we did a story called pumped up poultry. we found fresh chicken at grocery stores that contained as much as 350 milligrams of sodium per serving. the usda's proposed rule would require meat and poultry that had additives like sodium to be clearly listed in large type, then if you're on a low sodium diet you would know exactly what you're buying. when paying for poultry by the pound, you would know which packages had been pumped up with solutions or marinades. the days of running to the post office could be coming to
5:41 pm
an end. today the u.s. postal service released a list of nearly 3700 post office locations it is looking at for possible closure. the closures are being considered because the customers have changed and no longer need a physical post office everywhere. most products are being offered online and at local retailers. there are many post offices around the d.c. area that are identified in today's list. they do include in d.c., the kalorama post office in southwest. in virginia, in downtown leesburg and the potomac office in alexandria. for a complete list of the post offices possibly closing, go to our website and search for post office. >> i don't know, i like the sweet idea of going down to your post office. but a thing of the past, perhaps? >> times are changing. >> we do too much e-mail.
5:42 pm
going overboard with alcohol. see which state ranks among the worst in the country for binge drinking. coming up in sports, redskins park reopened to players this morning.
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people in d.c. like to drink. some take it a bit too far. a report from the substance abuse and mental health services administration ranked d.c. the third booziest place in the country behind north and south dakota. almost a third of all washingtonens have reported
5:45 pm
binge drinking in the past month. drinking at least five alcoholic beverages in one sitting. here's veronica with a final check on the weather. the heat and humidity, i have a feeling are going to come back? >> yes, they will. >> for a minute, that story, i was like, did he say boozedy or b booshie. >> if low 90s would feel nice, that would be today. we're running at 95 degrees right now in college park. a lot of locations in prince georges county. 92 degrees right now, 93 over in resten, fairfax, oak ton and baileys crossroads right now. here's a look at your good night wakeup forecast. we're down to 79 degrees, we're going to be hanging out in the low 70s, right inside beltway areas in d.c., you're going to drop down to 65 to 68 degrees. kind of crisp for a change for i
5:46 pm
summer's day, with low humidity around tomorrow. 92, the high temperature expected tomorrow, 94 on thursday. humidity will start creeping back on thursday, and it's going to be around on friday, in fact, it's going to be quite steamy on friday, with the air temperature maxing out at 9 degrees. it will probably feel more like 105 to 115 around the area. saturday, 97, temperatures start to come down, with cloud cover. there's even a chance for afternoon rain on saturday. and i think any time during the day on sunday, possibility of passing showers and thunderstorms. the high sunday 96, the early part of next week, we'll see highs in the low 90s with sunshine returning to the area and lower humidity. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. the nfl lockout is over, and now it's back to business. >> football fans rejoicing, players are getting ready to get up to speed. dan has been ready for this day. they're back to work tomorrow,
5:47 pm
right? >> they're back to work officially on friday. training camp is supposed to start on thursday. they're just going to report on thursday, take some physicals, then they're out here for a closed practice on friday. that means the public can't attend. the first day the public can attend training camp is going to be on saturday. just a chance for the players to see the coaches again, to run out here on these back fields, catch passes in their redskins gear. everyone was feeling good. this free agent frenzy that we've been waiting for has started a little slowly. no reports of any major free agent acquisitions for the redskins just yet. but the guys who are here, and who are under contract and ready to go, and ready to eat. >> it feels good, man, it feels real good. getting acclimated. coaches, everybody's happy. it's like a family back together. you haven't seen them in an extended period of time. i'm excited. we just got through talking.
5:48 pm
we're excited about this year, we're excited to be back. the lockout's over with, guys can get back to football. >> that came with a free lunch. no, it was good. i get to use the facility up here, run the routes on the grass. it looks nice, very prepared. and met with keenan a little bit. wapd a little film. it was good to think football again. i'm ready to go. >> it's great, you know, it's been a long offseason, a long process, obviously, and it's been rough on everybody, no doubt. players, coaches, everybody around. but it's great to be back. great reception this morning, it was just good to be back to the country and football. >> who exactly will be taking snaps? rex grossman is expected to be resigned. donovan mcnabb likely won't be here, although that decision hasn't been made yet. john beck appears to be the guy. he was a third stringer last year, and has only started four
5:49 pm
games in four years. beck has said he expects to compete for the starting job, but he didn't receive any guarantees from coaches today. >> there's been nothing to talk about in the quarterback situation, what's going to happen. get together later on today, i'm sure we'll have a chance to sit down. i'm sure the coaches are busy with this free agency thing opening up. it's going to be crazy, because they're going to try to get guys in. a lot of their team will be occupied in that. >> bee sides the quarterback situation, the second biggest story right now has to be the future of albert haynesworth. his agent hasn't heard from the redskins, and haynesworth is expected to report for training camp on thursday. as for his teammates, the drama with number 92 has gotten old. >> it wears you down. we try to say it don't, but we don't want -- albert don't want to talk about it, we don't want to talk about, we just want to focus on us as a team, man. i thought last year and the years previous, we talked too
5:50 pm
much about individuals that have problems with the organizations and stuff like that. you know, it's hard. it's something that we need to do this year. forget about all the nonsense and negativity and focus as a team. that's how it's supposed to be done. that's what the great teams do. we need to stop talking about being a great team and start doing some action out here, and preparing as a great team. >> time to cut the cord with 92. you heard brian arack poe, it is a distraction this game of chicken with mike shanahan and albert haynesworth has to come to an end at some point. don't know if it's going to happen before friday or not. we do know the redskins are in talks with the vikings about trading mcnabb to them. mcnabb would likely have to rerestructure his contract to get that deal done. >> we'll have more coming up at 6:00. >> dan is all excited about the
5:51 pm
food out there. he wants to carbo load with the team. >> a little menu report in the days ahead. >> you want to know what the players are eat something. >> yeah, what they're eating to get back up to form? >> i'm going to check on that, in a matter of moments, and i'll have that for you shortly. >> put it on a plate and send it here for him. he doesn't want a list, he wants to see it. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> i'll do that for you. >> a lot of drivers on the capital beltway in virginia are wondering who lives in that house. the answer is, that house? no one. it's a single family home that pokes through a 20 foot gap in the sound wall. it was purchased by vdot and is being used as a field office for crews working on the hot lanes project there. it gives them a great view of what's happening with the construction, which seems to be going on for a long, long time. the house will be demolished when the project is completed late next year. now you know.
5:52 pm
>> not a lot of sound sleeping going on in that place. let's get the word on news 4 at 6:00 tonight, what's coming up. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, no debt deal in sight yet for lawmakers battling on capitol hill. and now we're starting to see exactly how a government default could impact all americans. we'll have a live report. despite the nation's money problems, fairfax county is ready to give its workers a raise. not everyone's happy about that plan. we'll tell you where. and take you to a rare marriage ceremony in which the couple exchanged vows over speaker phone. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. i didn't even know you could do that. >> all right. thanks, doreen. still to come, a climbing wall, stationery bike, cutting edge technology, we have an exclusive look at the new walter reed military center in bethesda, weeks before the official opening.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
just one day after wedding ceremonies held throughout the state of new york, there's a lawsuit filed against the same sex marriage law. they claim legislative procedures were violated when this law was approved.
5:56 pm
the state senate kept lawmakers who were opposed from speaking. same sex marriages became legal over the weekend. the merger between walter reed and bethesda naval this fall means an influx of cutting edge technology. >> the new walter reed national military medical center includes 2.5 million square feet. >> and now part two of our look inside this state of the art facility. >> reporter: we start inside the america building, a high-tech rehab room for amputees, a therapy pool, all kinds of computerized rehab machinery to help patients walk further or bike more easy. >> it's been great. >> you're now in the basement of the american building. reporter: this is the gate lab, the latest technology to test amputees, watch them walk to see
5:57 pm
how their they werists and doctors can help. >> you'll see him come into view. >> reporter: each little ball works as a reflective marker. they show the therapist which leg the patient is favori ingfa. down the hall, more high-tech labs, a flight simulator for the body. >> we have the opportunity to use a lot of new technology. >> reporter: the project manager is proud of the new facility. >> this is one of two trauma rooms we have in the new facility. >> reporter: the rooms inside the arrow head buildings new er. the small computer packed with patient records disconnects. this pops off and can travel with the patient. >> reporter: upstairs 50 smart suite icu rooms where patients will have control at their bedside. there are lifts, nothing touches
5:58 pm
the floor. there's a new cancer treatment center, and behind this new hybrid surgery suite. doctors will use this large lcd screen to teleconference surgery and films to other doctors. >> it will help the patient. it will help all of us -- the patient will get back to their place of work sooner. >> reporter: the new rehab center for amputees, state of the art equipment, even climbing walls. just three months ago. >> stepped on it, and went for a ride. >> reporter: he stepped on an ied while on patrol in afghanistan. >> reporter: i feel that i wouldn't have come as far as i have. >> just down the hall, the apartment lab. >> that's where you learn to open the door again. >> reporter: patients from walter reed helped design this area, where they can test their prosthetics in private. any problems, they'll head to the in-house prosthetic lab across the hall. >> things like that need taken
5:59 pm
care of. >> reporter: all they need now are the patients. >> it's rewarding to see the finish line in sight. >> impressive. >> yes. that's it for news 4 at 5:00. stay right there, news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. unusual attacks against unsuspecting shoppers. the suspect is armed with a box cutter. >> i'm glad we're back to business. >> redskins fans ready for some football. businesses ready to start raking in some cash. >> we begin with america's looming financial meltdown. lawmakers are taking sides in the debt crisis and dualing deals have left little hope for compromise. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> here's what's at stake right now. the u.s. could default on government bonds next tuesday. wall street already

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